Q: Am I going to have to restrict out all the foods I love and do a million hours of cardio each

A: Absolutely not. I am going to teach you how and when to eat that something you like so
that it helps, not hinders you. There is balance in all things. I have a very specific (and long)
list of foods that I consider the healthiest choices, from which I will have you pick most of
your foods. You’ll have specific dietary goals to meet, and I’ll teach you how to fit things
in, even an occasional piece of chocolate.

As to the cardio, there is no way I would ever prescribe hours on end of cardio. All of my
training programs outline sensible and effective amounts of cardiovascular training.
On average, my clients perform 2-5 hours of steady state cardio per week (depending)
and maybe 30-60 minutes of interval cardio, and that is on the high end.


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