Meatless and Inspiration Monday’s

I run in the path of your commands, for you have broadened my understanding.

– Psalm 119:32 (NIV)

Seeing the Olympians in the London games made me think of the Psalm mentioned above.  These athletes are on the path that God has put them here on earth to live, they are living their purpose. To inspire greatness in the world; to join families, friends, and countries together as they watch the games. Most importantly, inspire unity in all we do. I am a believer in God/Universe, in just plan old doing good. Knowing what your purpose or path in life should be is often hard, because it requires strength and courage. Everyone has heard the term, “follow your bliss”. If there is something that brings you joy and you start to light up when you talk about, talk about it and do it often. If you have a dream career that you want to pursue, then do it. Nothing but you is stopping you. Yes, there are bills that need to be paid, and list of other necessities in life that we have to pay for. It’s a hard balance to do both things. I have just entered a new world, and have been given the opportunity to “follow my bliss” and as tough as this experience may feel right now, it’s the right thing to do for myself, my husband, and our future family. When you are at a crossroads in journey and are just confused, dig deep and you will usually find your answer. You and I have a path to run—the path of God’s commands, for these commands were created to bring freedom to our souls. So like the Olympic runners, we must run within the boundaries of God’s word if we expect to finish well. When you do good things, when you pay it forward, when give a little kindness, then you are on the right path and are living your purpose.

Being scared is normal, not moving forward is foolish, and you will regret it.

Love is all that is good.

Happy Monday all!


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