About Me

Hi, glad you came by to check out my page. I’m a woman who believes that food and exercise cures all. During my journey towards a healthier life I realized one thing…attitude is everything! With all of the challenges that we face daily, we need to be aware of how our attitudes determine the outcome of any given circumstance.  I’m a humble woman with big dreams and I value all the people who God has put in my life.  Without them, I would not have the heart I have now.

It’s has taken me five long years to finally get to where I am now.  For every moment, every step I feel truly blessed, because it has led me to this point in my life, and now I am accomplishing my dreams.  During I my journey I tried to hide myself through food. Not knowing that what I turned to something that would save me later: food.  In actuality, I only ate one meal per day. The problem is that the meal was horrible consisting of Double-Double’s, fries, chips, cheese, pasta, and sweets galore! I have Italian in my genes, so I love me some pasta and creamy sauce. I was pre-diabetic. I never let anyone know how much pain I was in internally because I was ashamed, not only by what happened to me, but because I wanted to hide. All I wanted was for people to not pay attention to me. That was hard because I love making people laugh; I am a people person.  I just wanted to work and maybe go out with friends. One day it just clicked.  I was on the scale and it read 251. 251 wow, I thought, “I’m huge”. The first thing I did was call my best friend and get mad at her for letting me get this heavy. She told me that I was the most beautiful woman that she had ever met and she only saw my beauty, not the weight. What she said touched my heart and from that moment I decided to change my life. The first thing I changed was drinking soda, and I lost 10 pounds from that. Then I purchased my first workout outfit and I started walking a local track, and began to read Fitness magazines like Oxygen. That’s when the changes started happening. I gave up fried foods and lost 20 pounds. I discover a book tilted, “The East Clean Diet”, by Tosca Reno who is one of my fitness idols.  I was down to 221 lbs. Then I started working out four days week and lost another 20 pounds, down to 201. Finally I decided to eat clean and workout five days a week drop down to 180. I’ve always wanted to run since I was a kid. I loved it in school and really wanted to go for it.  I entered a 10k and then a half-marathon. After the half-marathon my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer, so I decided to run a marathon to raise money for her. I only trained 2 months for it, and came in under 4:20. I had dropped down to 147, and started eating six meals a day. My inspiration in life is to be healthy and live my life to the fullest. God has blessed me and feel like it’s my time to give back to the community and lose the last twenty pounds.


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